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Andrew Rodger is the resident writer for the NHL Alumni Association, providing news and interviews with our members as the NHL Alumni Insider. His goal is to shine the spotlight on Hockey's Greatest Family and life after hockey, as well as to help bridge the gap between hockey fans and their hockey heroes.


Serge Payer - raising awareness about Guillain-Barre Syndrome

Overcoming obstacles - it is a theme in many of our NHL Alumni articles. Some of our members were cut by their Junior team, while others had to pay their dues in the minors for several seasons or overcome serious injuries in pursuit of their NHL dream. The path to the world’s greatest league is unique and varied, but there is only one way to describe the story of NHL Alumni member Serge Payer’s journey to the NHL, and that is remarkable.

Hockey Historian Nominates Paul Henderson For Order Of Canada

Perhaps you watched it live on television or listened to the game on the radio in 1972... If you were too young to see it live, you have most likely seen the video. Regardless of when you became a hockey fan, when you hear Foster Hewitt’s famous call, “Henderson has scored for Canada” you know exactly which goal we are talking about - the goal heard around the world - Paul Henderson’s goal with 34 seconds remaining in Game 8 of the historic 1972 Summit Series.

Alex Hicks Prepares to Host the Sauce Hockey Cup

Looking for a fun way to beat the winter blues this year? How does a vacation in Arizona to take part in the Sauce Hockey Cup sound?

Andrew Rodger - NHLA Writer

Serge Payer Foundation

Serge Payer - Raising Awareness about Guillain-Barré Syndrome Through the Serge Payer Foundation 

Andrew Rodger - NHLA Writer

Craig Muni - Finding a Home in the City of Champions

Andrew Rodger - NHLA Writer

The path to the NHL is different for every NHL Alumni member. For some, the team that drafts them have an immediate need and they step right into the lineup. For others, it takes time in the minors to either hone their skills or prove their potential to the organization.

Sean Pronger - The Remarkable Journey of the Journeyman

Andrew Rodger - NHLA Writer

Living in a soon-to-be demolished farmhouse in Knoxville, Tennessee, the East Coast League was vastly different from wearing the ‘C’ at Bowling Green State University. Sean Pronger’s first trip to the NHL was still a year away, but life in professional hockey had begun.


Ottawa 67’s Honour NHL Alumni Member Bill Kitchen

Andrew Rodger - NHLA Writer

On July 30th, 2012, Hockey’s Greatest Family lost a brother far too soon when former Ottawa 67’s defenseman and NHL Alumni member Bill Kitchen passed away suddenly at 51 years of age.

Todd Ewen and the SLU Billikens Preparing to Host ACHA Division II Championship

Andrew Rodger - NHLA Writer

It is an exciting time for the St. Louis University Billikens and their coach, former NHLer Todd Ewen, as they are prepare to host fifteen other teams from the American Collegiate Hockey Association for the 2012-13 Division II National Championship Tournament for the first time.