Red Jacket

As an active sports enthusiast and participant, one should be able to find unique sportswear with a distinctive fashion style. As a fashion conscious individual, one should be able to combine progressive fashion with vanguard sports cultures.
Our mission at Red Jacket is to blend, in concert, sports styling and bold fashion initiatives.

Don't blend in with the masses - wear something unique.

Red Jacket Origin

In the late 1700's, the great Seneca Chief, OT-TI-ANI (which meant 'always ready'), was revered for his valor and grit. The name Red Jacket was attained during the war of the Revolution. He was distinguished for his fleetness of foot, his intellect and his great merits. A British officer, having been impressed, entrusted a beautifully ornamented jacket of a scarlet color to this extraordinary individual. In Native American Indian culture the color red was associated with success and winning. In homage to the legend of OT-TI-ANI and the symbolism of the color red, we have chosen the name Red Jacket for our clothing. Our logo is Red Jacket's actual signature.