Supporting the right charitable partners can help a corporation stand out in a highly competitive economic environment. Making the right type of commitment with the right charity can differentiate you, not only with your consumers, but also with your suppliers and your employees - creating brand loyalty on numerous levels.

Supporting a charity reflects the core values of your company. It creates an opportunity to involve your employees in a significant cause, to raise funds through your business, and to invite your consumers/suppliers to have an impact in their community.

You will not only be aligning your company with a great charitable cause but one of the most sought after demographics in hockey fans.  While the NHL does not hold one of the largest fan bases in North America, it does hold one of the most affluent fan bases.  Studies by the Sports Marketing Group show that the NHL's fan base is much more affluent than that of the major sports.  Another study done by the Stanford Graduate School, found that NHL fans in America were the most educated and affluent of the four major leagues. NHL fans are also found to be substantially more computer literate than the other sports fans.  According to a Reuters study in 2010, the largest demographic of NHL fans was the highly sought after group males aged 18–34, who were also shown to be more "tech savvy" than most fans.

The NHL Alumni strives to create a relationship that is beneficial for corporate partners and the charities we support.  See how your company can tap into a complete range of fundraising and sponsorship programs.  If you would like more information on how your company can tap into a complete range of fundraising and sponsorship opportunities, please contact us at sponsorship@nhlalumni.net and a member of our team will contact you.